Welcome to the Alliance of the American Dental Association (AADA)!

WHAT is the Alliance?

The Alliance is a partner organization to the American Dental Association. The Alliance provides community oral health education, supports the well-being of the dental family, and engages in legislative advocacy for the welfare of the public and the dental profession. The Alliance is women and men of all ages and life stages, connecting together because we make a difference for our spouses and partners, our communities, and the cause of dentistry.

WHY should I join the Alliance?

The Alliance is the only organization that works for, supports, and cares about dentistry and the dental family as a whole. Two voices in dentistry are better than one! The Alliance provides great opportunities to give back to the profession that provides so much to the dental family. Supporting your spouse in the dental profession = SUCCESS.

WHO joins the Alliance?

Simple: If you are a spouse or partner of an ADA member dentist or dental student, you can join the Alliance! ADA Members and ASDA Members are also invited to join!

AADA's Mission: Volunteers supporting the American Dental Association, their families and the health of the public.